Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Error bX-lk6kyq in Blogger (simple solution)

error bX-lk6kyq
Recently I got an error bX-lk6kyq in my blogger account. I looked for solution on forums but most of topics was started but without answers and all comments was like these: "me too, help me, plz", "how do I solve this problem?" etc.

Here is the simple solution for error bX-lk6kyq

Copy and paste this address in url address bar. Then click the drop down menu in the left of "View Blog" and then select "Settings". On the new page, select "Language and formating". Then change the language you normally use with the new language. You can just switch American English to British or Australian.

Then try to view your blog.

If you found another error, you had to try to change url template. Now you should found url blog bringing back again.

Good luck, bloggers!


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